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If you have made an enquiry and would like to meet us, contact us today to book an appointment to come in and have a chat about building your new home. This is the stage we get to know more about you and what you would like to build, so to make the most of this time bring relevant information which could include:

  • Site survey
  • Photos
  • Design ideas
  • Brief
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At this stage you may already have a block of land and if that’s the case we’ll go and inspect your site to evaluate access, site conditions and if our concrete panels will be feasible and work with your site. We like to do this inspection early on so we can let you know up front if our system will work with your site.

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This part of the process is designing a home for you and your family to live, so take time to make sure you’re happy with it. We offer a selection of designs that you can choose from and we allow for complete flexibility with the internal layout. Contact us today for us to send through some of our designs.

If you want to custom design your home to suit your lifestyle we also have this as an option, you’ll get to work closely with our architect to come up with a concept.

Request a concept fee from us today.

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At this stage you’re probably very excited about making your selections on what you would like to include in your new home. We do have our standard inclusions but again we offer flexibility. You will get to meet with our suppliers to make your selections and start having some fun.

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Once you have agreed on your concept plan and made your selections we can then give you a quote.

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Once we have given you a quote you will be able to give it to your finance lender for pre-approval. They will let you know what requirements they need in order to proceed to giving you a loan approval. Have a chat to us today as we have a mortgage broker that can help with finance.

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Once your lender has given you pre-approval, we will then proceed to completing a fixed building contract for you to sign to give to your lender for the loan approval letter.

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Once the drawings have been fully completed and a 5% deposit has been paid the plans will then be submitted to council authorities for relevant approvals. Depending on different requirements this process can vary in time on a job to job basis.

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Once we have received all relevant approvals our engineer then begins the structural drawings.

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Once the structural drawings have been drawn we will then commence with manufacturing the precast concrete panels ready for delivery.

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While the panels are being made we are able to start clearing your site and getting it prepared for the installation of the panels.

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Make an enquiry to us today via the enquiry form, phone or email.



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Day One
  • Construction commences and the precast concrete panels will be transported to site ready for installation.
  • Trusses are also installed.
Day Two
  • The plumber is onsite to begin drainage works. At this stage no changes can be made to the plumbing. Authorities for plumbing inspections are carried out.
  • Trusses are finished by hand and complete tie downs and bracing.
Day Three
  • The concrete panels are painted accordingly to the colour selected by owners.
  • Preparation of the slab begins
Day Four
  • The slab is poured through the trusses with a boom pump and finish.
Day Five
  • Start/finish roof and place frames (pre-fab or onsite construction).
Day Six
  • Installation of windows.
Day Seven To Day Ten
  • Roof finish (if started Day 5).
  • Locked up.