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About Us

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At Precast Homes we create modern and stylish homes that are functional to your everyday needs. We set ourselves apart from all the other residential building companies in Canberra and the surrounding region by utilising the latest construction techniques to ensure the longevity of your new home.

Using precast concrete panels means increased structural strength and gives us the ability to deliver stronger and greener homes in a fraction of the time. Time is the most valuable resource that any of us have, and when building a Precast home, you will be moving in much sooner than you expected.

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Contact us today to receive a list of our latest house designs. Here are a range of different questions that we regularly receive from our clients, so hopefully it can help answer any you may have. If you still have any further questions that need answering, feel free to contacts us!

A. Yes. Precast home designs are flexible and we allow for changes to be made to the layout to suit your lifestyle.

A. Yes. Along with our expanding range of home designs we also offer custom designs for those who are interested in full customisation. We work closely with draftsmen, building designers and architects to create your dream home.

A. Not yet. Although if you contact us today we can arrange for you to come and have a look through one of our previous homes we have built for our clients.

A. We currently build homes in Canberra and surrounding NSW. For a detailed list of places we build, fill out our contact form or give us a call today.

A. We are expanding our network of builders that use our system and we welcome all interested builders. So if you would like to use a particular builder, send them our way and we’ll have a chat with them about using our system.

A. Most people think that a Precast Home is completely concrete, which unless you were going for that look the panels just replace the bricks that would be used in typical construction. So from inside the home it is plasterboard and from the outside the panels are painted concrete which gives the effect of a brick rendered home. Check out our gallery to see what they look like!

A. Because the precast panels just replace the bricks, electrical services are still wired the same.

A. Most blocks are suited to be able to build a Precast Home. Firstly, we like to inspect all sites prior to check accessibility and other issues that may be present and in most cases any issues or concerns we have with the block can be sorted.

A. Each project we work on is different as there are a lot of contributing factors to why it can be so varied. Check out our process page to look at the different stages of construction with rough approximates on timing, which will help you to understand each stage and how long the pre-construction process can take.

Where do we build?


Throughout the ACT and surrounding areas in NSW including:
Enquire today to find out if we will build in your area.